Amanda Harrington is a Dublin prostitute, working independently with her friend Marna Galloway, in a rented apartment on Mount Street. They see themselves as a cut above, having put the world of pimps and violence behind them.

But then they are busted and given a royal dressing down by a disapproving female judge – much harder to tolerate than the hefty fine incurred. And things soon take a serious turn for the worse.

Sandy Walsh, a colleague, has been discovered brutally murdered in her apartment. Finding Amanda’s mobile number on Sandy’s coffee table, soon the detectives are back on her trail, hoping she can help with the investigation.

Meanwhile, a serial killer is on the loose, targeting prostitutes … Amanda and Marna are about to discover just how vulnerable they are.

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Arlene Hunt

Author Arlene Hunt

Writer, broadcaster, German Shepherd owner, ex-cat butler

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