Undertow (2008)

Arlene Hunt - UndertowA missing boyfriend … a heavily pregnant girlfriend … just another ordinary case for QuicK Investigations. But the trail they follow suggests something far from ordinary.

Who is Orie Kavlar and why has he gone to ground? What is the connection to the body of a dead girl found on waste ground in Sandyford? And what is his relationship to Darren Wallace, ex-gangland criminal?

With their personal relationship at a new all-time low, Sarah and John are straining under the weight of their own problems: like the murder of Sarah’s ex-boyfriend Vic. Vic was a dangerous psychotic, but murder is murder. So why won’t she accept John’s help?

In no time John and Sarah’s investigations alert others to their search and as they dig deeper into Orie Kavlar’s life, one man decides he has too much to lose to allow them to continue.

Sarah and John are about to be caught up in an undertow of violence that will suck them into their most perilous case yet.


Nominated for Best Crime Novel at the 2009 Irish Book Awards.

It has a gritty sense of reality and cleverly written characters that go far beyond the glamorous detectives and pathologists found in other books of its ilk. For those who enjoy the thrill and intrigue of an honest-to-goodness whodunnit, meanwhile, this is a must-read”Sunday Business Post

“The writing here is as hard as flint and twice as combustible. This is a gritty and action-filled offering that pulls no punches”Irish Times

“If seeking a book to stuff in a beachbag, Arlene Hunt’s Undertow is just the fast-paced entertainment you need” – Critical Mick

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