The Outsider (2013)

Arlene Hunt - The OutsiderFrom the time she was born, Emma Byrne was different from other children. Shy and reclusive, her world revolved around animals, so much so that by the time she was 15, Emma was a much sought after horse trainer.
So who would try to harm this gifted young woman? Who was shooting in Crilly Woods on that fateful August day?

Emma’s twin brother, Anthony, is determined to get to the bottom of what happened to his sister, and in the course of his investigations makes a terrible mistake, one that will change all their lives forever.

The Outsider: sometimes those who love us most hardly know us at all.






“A wonderfully realised evocation of a tragedy within a tight-knit Irish rural community in an age where to be different was to be ostracised. Highly recommended.”Irish Independent.

“Hunt excels at excavating the petty passions of village life … deftly blurs the lines between justice and revenge and propels her tale into the realms of true tragedy.”Irish Times.

“Masterful” – Sunday Times.

“It is a finely honed piece of writing. Five stars”Crime Fiction Lover

“One more chapter before I do the washing up, one more before I go to bed, oh, just one more. And then you are there, on the last page wondering how you got there and wishing there were more to come.”Amazon reader.

“Superb”Erin Mitchell.

The Outsider is available in paperback for €9.99 or as an eBook from, iTunes and Kobo.