Missing Presumed Dead (2007)

Arlene Hunt - Missing Presumed Dead1980 – Missing presumed dead: that’s what everybody thought when Katie Jones, a beautiful blonde toddler, vanished while playing on the water’s edge one hot summer’s day.

2006 – A young woman arrives on a Dublin doorstep wielding a gun. She shoots the man who opens the door, then turns the gun on herself. The woman is Katie Jones, and soon a lot of people – especially her family – are looking for answers.

Where was she? Who took her all those years ago? And why did she shoot Walter Hogan, a retired GP, straight between the eyes before shooting herself?

John Quigley and Sarah Kenny of QuicK investigations are soon involved in their most difficult case so far. The pressure is building and, as they delve deeper into the murky world surrounding Katie Jones, they are unaware that somebody from Sarah’s past is watching and waiting to strike when they least expect it. “M.P.D.” is a compulsive thriller that deals with loss, betrayal and revenge.

John and Sarah are about to discover the cost of all three.


“An escalating thriller … a remarkably prescient read”Tom Widger, Sunday Tribune

“It is rare to come across a thriller like this, which is as well written and amusing as it is gritty and suspense filled” Andrew Flanagan, Daily Mail

“A very enjoyable, neatly worked mystery, packed with deft characterisation”Myles McWeeney, Irish Independent

“The Dublin setting is atmospheric and convincing, the plot genuinely compelling and Hunt creates enough intrigue to leave the reader guessing until the very end”Helen Carr, Metro

“The quality of Hunt’s characterisation, plot development and pacing shows promise fullfilled” Danny McElhinney, Mail on Sunday

“This novel will prove compelling to many”In Dublin

“Enthralling” – RTE

“Easy reading, with a plot that maintains interest, and characters that charm, Hunt’s fourth novel has a good chance of making the bestseller list this autumn”Afric Hamilton, Irish Examiner