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This weekend I will be teaching a crime course at the wonderful Irish Writers Centre, should be fun; these events are always inspiring, if a lot of hard work for my poor pupils, many of whom have no idea how much writing they will have to do. When I finish tomorrow, I am going to join my fellow citizens at The Garden of Remembrance to honor Savita Halappanavar, and to protest her passing in such a barbaric fashion. It beggars belief that in 2012, a woman in the prime of her life should be let down so badly.


On a less sombre note, I would also like to announce our latest publication, ‘Deepest Red, a Manchester United Anthology’. Despite not being a Manchester United fan myself, I found myself reading some of the stories with a lump in my throat, particularly the essay on the horrific Munich crash that cost so many tragic lives. I hope those of you with United fans in mind buy a copy, I think it is a worthwhile addition to any library and we are very proud of it.

Draft two of Feral is underway, now entitled, The Eight; and I have a second project in the pipeline, but more on that later.  It’s all systems go here in Casa Portnoy, which also explains my lack of blogging to some extent, it’s hard to find enough hours in the day sometimes – a 1st world problem of course, hardly worth mentioning, but there you go.
I hope everyone is well, talk soon



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