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Good mid-summer to you. I can’t believe it’s July already, can you?

As you can imagine, the galloping looney in the photo above takes up a considerably amount of my spare time. His name is Archer and he’s part angel, part brat.  He is fifteen-weeks-old and likes chewing, running, chewing, water, chewing and annoying the cats, neither of whom are overly impressed with this new addition. They tolerate him in that magnificent way cats have of tolerating lesser beings.  We, on the other hand,  think he’s super.

In book news: I am putting the finishing touches to the latest book, working title, Feral. It’s a pretty hard-hitting story about two sisters who run away from an abusive home and find themselves in the middle of a drug war. All going well it should be in the shops in March.

In Portnoy Publishing news, I’m delighted to tell you we’re on the verge of signing our first author, and publishing his remarkable book. I can’t tell you more about the book just yet, but Andrew and I were blown away by it. Very exited we are! I’m also reading a number of submissions right now, and feel the future of crime fiction is very healthy indeed. We also another sports book coming out before Christmas, more on that later.

Summer: This Saturday I will be taking part in Publishing Day with the wonderful Dublin Writers’ Centre. If you’re in town do come along as I think it will be a cracking event. I’ll be on RTE’s Arena later today to talk about it. (I’ve recently finished teaching a crime-fiction course at the centre, and I have to say I was so impressed with the level of talent on display).

Later in the month (14th), I will be heading to Donegal to take part in the Earagail Arts Festival– The chat will be on the rise of crime fiction. I’m very much looking forward to this as I have never been to Donegal and I am told by everyone it is spectacular. Hope the weather is nice.
So that’s it, sorry it’s been a while. I assure you all is well, if incredibly busy. Hey, I ran the Edinburgh Marathon at the end of May.  I got serious sunburn too- in Edinburgh of all places! It’s a fabulous city though, I can’t wait to go back. Definitely going to run Dublin in October now, no point in wasting the fitness.
Hope everyone is well; now, time to go wrestle a puppy.


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Arlene Hunt is the author of 7 novels. The latest, 'The Chosen', is published in paperback and ebook by Portnoy Publishing.


  1. susan butterworth  July 28, 2012

    Hi Arlene…Don’t know if you remember me…Lived in farmhouse in Redcross while you were there about 21 years
    ago. Joni who was 3 is now 26 tommorrow!!!!!….Loved your book “The Chosen……Beautifully written and a really good read….


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