Returned from New York, I am the Woody Allen of travel.

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Without fail I invariably get a cold from flying; this trip is no exception. I had scarcely boarded the plane in JFK when the sore throat set in and now here I am – cough cough woosh – bunged up and blithering.


Still, a cracking affair with my fellow scribes ( photo taken at The Mysterious Bookshop. Left to right, John Connolly, Declan Hughes, Me, Alex Barclay, Bateman, Ian Campbell Ross, Stuart Neville, Declan Burke was off somewhere pressing the flesh)  was had and I’d like to offer my deepest gratitude to John Waters, Joe Long and Clair Lamb for what turned out to be a truly memorable trip. How lovely to meet new people and chat about all things crime. However I cannot spill too many beans, as Declan Burke says, what happens in Noo Yawk stays in Noo Yawk and I’m sure the staff of Macy’s will forgive Kriss and me, even as we vow ourselves to withhold.

And now, back to the dirty work of getting published.  The Tour dates are done. I need to turn my hand to some publicity now and my phone is red hot from me terrorising perfectly innocent folk in the media. It’s a very different beast, this publicity malarkey. Can’t say I’m a fan of cold calling and yet needs must.

So watch this space and I’ll try to keep everyone in the loop as to the next stage.

Until then, cough cough woosh!



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