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When I started writing first I was as green as a HB Fat Frog. I couldn’t type, did not understand the concept of grammar; indeed could barely get my head around commas let alone semi-colons and colons. The only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to tell stories and in that regard I have been lucky enough to be allowed follow my dream.

From getting an agent – the peerless Faith O’Grady from the Lisa Richards Agency – to getting published for the first time with the good people of Hachette (and landing the best editor a person could ever wish for in Ciara Considine) I have to say I’ve been pretty blessed with good fortune. I cannot speak for other genres, but within fiction crime writing there seems to be an abundance of terrific passionate people and I count myself very lucky to be a part of it all.

This year, after much consideration, I declined a two book deal with Hachette. I have nothing but the highest respect for Breda and the excellent team she captains with good grace and enthusiasm. I hold Hachette in the highest regard, but I felt it was time to do something else I have long dreamed about. My husband, Andrew, and I have created Portnoy Publishing (lovers of Bloom County will get this), our very own imprint. As you can imagine it is exciting and ohmygodwhatarewedoingly nerve wracking at the same time. We are on a steep learning curve here folks, but my gut, which I am inclined to follow, assures me it is the right time to take a leap of faith. I wish my gut could assure my brain as easily.

October 17th is the release date for The Chosen, and we’ll be setting up a pre-ordering system on the Portnoy website soon. To everyone who was kind enough to email me, yes, I am half way though writing the next QuicK Investigation  novel.

The coming few weeks are pretty busy. On the 29th I am thrilled silly to tell you I will be helping John Connolly launch his new book The Burning Soul, in Easons book shop.

The following morning I will be on TV3 again with my pal Bob from The Gutter bookshop to discuss Sebastian Barry’s new novel, On Canaan’s Side.

On the 3rd of September, I’ll be taking part in Electric Picnic, talking about crime and The Chosen (12:50pm-1:30pm), and the 7th of September sees me in Dun Laoghaire and taking part in the excellent Mountain to Sea Festival

The following week I’m off to New York (I’ll do a proper write up on my return, I promise, without telling tales) and there are a few other bits and pieces I’ve forgotten, but my brain is pretty much like a colander at the moment, so forgive me.

Then it will be pretty much time to launch The Chosen (eek) out into the world. So wish me luck folks, it’s a scary bloomin’ path and no mistake.


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Arlene Hunt is the author of 7 novels. The latest, 'The Chosen', is published in paperback and ebook by Portnoy Publishing.


  1. Annie  August 19, 2011

    Awesome. Best of luck with everything Arlene. Drive it like you stole it. x

  2. Aisling  August 19, 2011

    Fantastic news! x

  3. Aisling  August 19, 2011

    Meant to say – the cover ROCKS by the way!

  4. Arlene  August 19, 2011

    Thank you ladies! Aisling, very cool, I love it myself.

  5. Little Angelic Rose  August 19, 2011

    Amazing news and I wish you all the best of success with your new venture. Starting with one of your own books, how can it go anything other than brilliantly?!

  6. Arlene  August 19, 2011

    Thank you N, it’s going to be hectic but worth it. Hope to see you guys soon!

  7. kevin mccarthy  August 22, 2011

    congrats and good luck arlene. great to see someone with the cojones and the competence to start a business in this day and age. see you at the launch of the chosen!

  8. Arlene  August 22, 2011

    Thank you Kevin, it will be an interesting project. * gibbers*


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