Deadlier than the male? Perhaps. Now pass me my diamonds.

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Yesterday was cracking fun. I got to join Alex Barclay, Ava McCarthy and Niamh O’Connor at the Hibernian Club on Stephen’s Green for a 40’s styled photo-shoot. The finished product will appear in The Examiner sometimes in October.The theme was ‘more deadly than the male’, and it goes with a piece written by Declan Burke.

I have to say, what a lot of work goes on behind the scenes for a photo-shoot (!) makeup, hair, styling, lighting. I will never again gawk at the photos in Vanity Fair without thinking of the pre-production. But the clothes and the jewellery were magnificently opulent and made all of us ponder why on earth we don’t make more of an effort. (Alex has just finished her latest book and has spent 6 weeks in tracksuits, slavering over her typing. Ava and I admitted to our jean wearing love ( I am currently in pyjamas), and Niamh has just had a new baby, looks fabulous, but I’d imagine has more on her plate currently than does this mohair go with this silk and where did I throw my fur mu-mu?

Still, it was great fun to play dress up and the people we worked with yesterday were a delight, especially stylist Annmarie O’Connor, a paragon of patience if ever I saw one. Big thanks also to the following people:
Peter Elliot and Melissa O’Sullivan – John Geaney for Hair
Sam Tsan – Make-up
Abby Comyn – Boodles (jewels)
Miki Barlok – photographer

You guys made it so enjoyable, and I thank you. Can’t wait to see the photos in October!


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  1. Niamh O'Connor  August 29, 2011


    You looked absolutely amazing. For me the novelty was no puke on my shoulder!


  2. Arlene  August 31, 2011

    Aw thanks Niamh, it’s amazing what a ton of make-up and some fabulous clothes can do, can’t wait to see the result in this week’s Examiner!


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