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It’s a fine bank holiday Monday here in Ireland. The sun is shining and in the distance the drone of lawnmowers induces a slight drowsy lethargy within me. I would like to go down to the patio and sprawl amongst the bumblebees and roses, book in hand, sunglasses perched atop my head, the dog snoring under my chair.

But alas I will do no such thing. I have a new book to write and  – since it steadfastly refuses to write itself – this requires me to put in at the very least four hours of solid work. The sun shine will have to wait, the bumblebees can bumble in peace, the dog remains in my office ( he could go down himself if he wishes, but he won’t).

But at least I can start my working day on a high note.  It is with great pleasure I find that I am featured on a list of Irish crime writers to look out for, many of whom I admire greatly.

This pleasure is further heightened by yesterday’s piece in the Sunday Independent by Declan Burke.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of crime fiction as well as being a writer of the same. I am quite cheerfully a nerd like fan. A quick glance over my shelves reveals the extent and longevity of my passion for the genre, from very early Wambaugh, PD James, Dexter, Chandler, Lee Burke, Mankell, Ellroy, Christy, Pelecanos, Crais. But now those names are joined by a different crew. Now, more and more often the names of Connolly, McGilloway, Hughes, Burke, French, Bateman and Bruen stand tall and firm beside the thaumaturges from across the waters.

It is a fine pleasure to be included with such folk, and makes days like today,  when lounging in the garden is out of the question, tolerable and indeed preferable.

The sun will wait, the words will not, and hopefully later this year I will have another novel to slot onto the shelves beside those of my friends and colleagues.


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Arlene Hunt is the author of 7 novels. The latest, 'The Chosen', is published in paperback and ebook by Portnoy Publishing.


  1. Maura Byrne  May 4, 2010

    Hey Arlene

    Well done on your success so far. If you have any advice on the query process, I’d be delighted to hear

    My husband loves your genre so I’ll be buying one of your book this week

    Thanks Maura

  2. Arlene  May 4, 2010

    Hi Maura, thanks for stopping by. When you say ‘query’ do you mean how to approach a publisher or agent?


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