New Book, New Jacket, Old Basset.

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Oh my, it has been so very long since I last updated. Mea Culpa, but YES (!) Darren and H’olic, I have been awfully busy, typing, and eating toast and running and…okay, I have no real excuse, I simply don’t like to waffle unless I have something to say.

Today I finished Blood Money, the next QuicK Investigation book, all going well with the edits and copy edits  and so on it ought to be in shops by February or thereabouts. It will actually my 7th book-amazing to me- I wrote an entirely different book earlier in the year called The Outsider. It was a rather radical departure from the J&S books which understandably my publishers were a little uncertain about. (I am  a brand after all(!) heh) It made sense to me that they would hesitate, business is business and I am not so precious about my work that I will kick up my skirts in a hissy fit if told no.

Blood Money was a cracking fun book to write and I hope readers enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Poor John, he really is lost without Sarah around to keep his feet on the ground. As much as it might pain him to admit it, she was such an integral part of their team he is in this book finding it hard going without her.

I really enjoyed the research involved in this novel. The book is about the illegal trade in organ trafficking and the fallout involved when vulnerable people are used to sustain the lives of the wealthy. It was certainly an eye opener and a stark reminder to me to always carry my donor card. If anything ever happens to me I want my body-such as it is- to be as much use as possible to as many as possible. My beloved father in law is the recipient of a heart from a family who lost a loved one, so it is of special importance to me.

I will attempt to sell The Outsider as a stand alone and see how that rolls. I personally love the book to pieces and sent it out to two readers whose opinions I value greatly and they both really enjoyed  it, so I am tentatively optimistic. Fingers crossed that someone else will read it and think the same.

In other non wild news I have a new jacket I am in love with and Opus, my adored basset, celebrated his 13th birthday.  

Take care everyone.

Arlene x


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Arlene Hunt is the author of 7 novels. The latest, 'The Chosen', is published in paperback and ebook by Portnoy Publishing.


  1. Stephen  November 13, 2009

    Blood Money sounds brilliant. I’m estatic that we’ll soon get our next fix of Quick! Hopefully, Sarah will be found, my mind will be finally put at ease and I can once more relax, having not done so since I read Undertow 11 months ago!

    Also hoping you get The Outsider out soon too. Keep up the good work Arlene.

  2. Adya  November 20, 2009

    I just begin Undertow today, and I just can’t wait for this new novel. I love John, but I began to read them story from the “Black Sheep”. The next time I’ll be back to Ireland I have to buy the earliest books too. BTW, I love Sarah too, absolutely. She’s full of charisma and personality. Only a remark. In those three books i have, there’s not a John’s description. How is his hairs? And his eyes? So, I Know Sarah is blond with brown eyes, but him?
    Best regards.
    Ur #1 (and maybe only) Italian fan 🙂

  3. Arlene  November 24, 2009

    Sarah is dark haired and John is sandy blonde haired with blue/grey eyes and a twinkle in them.

    Hi Stephen! * waves* Hope you like Blood Money, just got the cover today and I think it looks terrific.


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