Irish Book Awards

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Well, I didn’t win for best crime thingie and that blasted Alex did. Fortunately I had bigger hair, so nah nah ni nah nah.

No seriously, it was a terrific night and Andrew and I had a cracking time. I got to meet up with Brian McGilloway and his lovely wife and a glowing Tana and her charming beau, and of course Alex, the delightful hussy. Big ups to Ciara Considine and Faith and Breda, and congrats to Ronan on his win for best new author.

I also want to say a big thank you to everyone who voted, I really appreciated your support. I will retire to my sofa now, with my slightly ouchy head, and feel glad and proud to have been a part of the event. Hurrah for books.


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Arlene Hunt is the author of 7 novels. The latest, 'The Chosen', is published in paperback and ebook by Portnoy Publishing.

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