Undertow and the Irish Book Awards.

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You know, I’ve been terrible remiss with my blog here, mea culpa. In my defense I’ve been working flat out on a new book called The Vision, and as the deadline approaches like a grouchy pale rider I’ve become more insular and slightly frothy at the mouth. But it was with the greatest of pleasure that I drifted into the Westbury yesterday to enjoy the experience of Undertow making the  Irish Book Awards shortlist for crime novel of the year.

I’m in with some good company, there is also Tana French, Alex Barclay and Brian McGilloway in my category. I have forewarned Brian  -in an act of extreme kindness-   that I plan to poison his food on the night of the award show proper. Not that I think he’s the only one to beat, but he emailed me offering congratulations, so I thought it only fair to give him a heads up. Tana and Alex are just going to have to bring food testers.

I was interviewed yesterday about crime writing and as I rambled on for a few moments about being chuffed to be nominated at all, it occurred to me I wasn’t just waffling. I am really delighted. Especially since there are some glaring omissions from the list, chaps whose books I devour the moment the ink is dry and their copy is the shops.

So hurrah for crime writing. Apart from the poisoning I wish everyone well.

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