Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year, readers and non readers alike. I trust everybody has had an excellent Christmas and I super trust everybody is about to embark on a cracking night out. Even if you are not venturing outside your front door allow me a moment to wish you all a very fine ’09. May your New Year be delightful and your new year be fruitful.

I will be spending a considerable amount of the first morning of ’09 following a large contented basset about a frost covered garden, watching while he poos, no doubt wondering aloud how much of the foil he ingested when he helped himself to a box of Cadbury’s Roses might once more see the light of day. So far he – and his cast iron constitution – has me whipped.

So hurray to New year, hurray to elderly yet curiously robust dogs and hurray to you. Let us sally forth into the future, another year of opportunities and bookish entertainment.

Arlene Hunt- pre drinks.


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Arlene Hunt is the author of 7 novels. The latest, 'The Chosen', is published in paperback and ebook by Portnoy Publishing.

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